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A lot of people ask me “Why Spanish?”. At the beginning I didn’t know and I used to reply that it just seemed like a good idea and so I started but it wasn’t until my first few lessons in Akademii Języka Hiszpańskiego Lorca with Itziar that I knew why. I was quite apprehensive about learning Spanish, not only because it was a new language for me but also because of my failed attempts to learn English and German. After my first lesson I knew it was going to be hard work but I would succeed. I had never come across such a calm and yet determined teacher as I did in Akademii Lorca. It encouraged me so much that it made me want to achieve my target of speaking Spanish. It is obvious that learning a foreign language can be an arduous process with moments of doubt but with every lesson, Itziar motivated me to continue learning and it’s like that still today.

The lessons with Itziar are not only focused on the language but also topics such as culture, politics, cuisine and many others which are interesting and related to Spain. Itziar isn’t simply a great teacher but she is also like a great psychologist who can pick up on the mood of the student and adapt the lesson to his or her needs so the student always feels comfortable and understood. Although Spanish grammar isn’t the easiest to learn, the way that Itziar explains it is clear and it makes it even pleasant.The effort and dedication that Itziar has put into all our lessons has led naturally to my continued attendance and after 4 years I have achieved sufficient knowledge of Spanish but also many friends from all over the world. Before I started learning in Akademii Lorca I never thought that I would reach such a level of Spanish that would make my dreams of travel and ease of communicating in Spanish come true. It is another argument for learning and developing your knowledge.

For me Akademia Lorca is not only a language school but it’s a place where I feel good and I like to go back to. The high standard of teaching that Itziar provides guarantees progress when learning Spanish and also sense of personal personal development